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20.12.2018 16:10

On October 17, 2018, there was held a seminar on the volunteer activities of the Hasdey Yerushalaim center for the children from the Lemon youth club as a part of the Volunteer Community project.

Sofia Drobashevskaya, Co-ordinator of the Volunteer Community center and head of the youth club, organized and conducted the seminar.

There was presented a cartoon about volunteer activities, its values ​​and guidelines. The participants discussed what individual qualities should have a person who wants to become a volunteer.

Everyone who shares good, who is positive and friendly,” said Sofia Drobashevskaya.

Sophia told the guys about the commandments of Gmilut Hassadim, which initially carry a call for help, care and support. The teenagers discussed how to organize the work of the volunteer center, based on these commandments.

A visit to the synagogue of Saratov located on Posadsky Street was a real gift for everyone on this day. At the lecture, Pinchas Kandal spoke about humane and good deeds, based on the traditions of Judaism and the commandments of the Torah. The guys reflected on some Proverbs and discussed the behavior of people in different situations.

The teenagers offered their ideas for intensifying volunteer community activities. The workshop participants were divided into three groups of interest – 1) ecology, 2) the elderly and children with disabilities, 3) the ideal volunteer. The guys shared their ideas with each other.

There is no discussion without public opinion. Thus, the seminar participants went outside and asked a few questions to passersby. So, they found out which projects people are ready to take part in: cleaning the city, landscaping, separate garbage collection. The citizens supported the initiative of the volunteers and expressed their readiness to help.

At the end of the seminar, the volunteers developed the work plan for the volunteer center. They distributed responsibilities among themselves and went to help people. In the future, volunteers are going to collect waste paper, organize events for children with disabilities and collect funds for families in need.