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20.12.2018 16:06

On September 22, Arina Gubenko launched a new volunteer project called Book of Memory in the youth club Lemon. The presentation was attended by representatives of the teenage club AJT and the youth Big Lemon Club.

At the beginning of the class, Arina told the teenagers about the goals she had set for herself. Why does the community need this project? Why the help of volunteers is so important?

“There are a few veterans left in the Saratov region and in the whole Russia,” says Arina, “The people, who gave us a free and independent life, are slowly passing away. The next generation will not know anything about the war, the difficulties which people had, when they risked their lives, so that now we have a peaceful sky”.

The aim of the “Book of Memory” project is to create a single archive of Saratov Jews who survived the war. Arina plans to video their interviews so that these people remain in the memory of the community.

In preparing for an interview with veterans, professionals of this area decided to help the project organizers. A city newspaper journalist and a community psychologist explained to the volunteers the way to work with people correctly.

At the master class, Elena Zakharuk, a community volunteer and a city newspaper reporter, spoke about the difficulties that may possibly appear if you don’t formulate a question to a person correctly. The guys practiced and figured out which expressions are better to use in interviewing people who survived the war.

In order for teenagers to understand how to directly communicate with older people and possible difficulties, Irina Vituzhnikova, the psychologist at the Hasdei Yerushalayim, came to the rescue of volunteers. Irina examined the questions that the children have when they communicate with people who survived the war. And, of course, she talked about what can happen at the meeting and how to cope with difficulties.

In the near future, teens are going to interview the first veteran. They are diligently preparing for this meeting, using the advice they were given at the project presentation.