Donate Become a volunteer!
20.12.2018 16:01

Volunteering is not a duty. Volunteering is an impulse and a need! Since childhood, the pupils of the Jewish school know what Gmilut Hassadim is. They love to help and do good deeds. This Thursday a lesson on motivation and volunteering was held for pupils in grades 2-4.

The children watched an interesting motivational cartoon, discussed it and realized that you always need to learn new things and not to be afraid of anything. It is very good when your friend or a close person helps you learn something new and correct mistakes. They tried to analyze themselves and why they sometimes want to read, study and help someone, and sometimes they don’t like it at all. Many pupils still can not explain why they like to do good deeds, but the mentor helped them to understand that it is a great pleasure for those who do good and for those who receive it.

A girl said: “I want to do good deeds, because my parents and God love me, and I want to transfer this love.”

The children were divided into groups and got the task – to invent their own volunteer action on the basis of the examples they were told earlier. At the end of the lesson, the pupils drew a mood tree – it turned out bright and beautiful! At the next meeting, young volunteers will continue to deal with the topic of volunteering and 3 new volunteer actions are waiting for all of us!